Product design graduate, slowly transitioning to Design research, Design thinking and Business Design. Currently living like a typical Mumbaikar while exploring various parts of India for research.

I blog once in a blue moon on anything and everything around me.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    I am a Co-Founder for a San Francisco and Pune (India) based, high potential Web Start-Up. With a lovable, obsessive, technically superior & fundamentally disruptive product; complemented by a young team with war-winning passion and Einstein killing brilliance; we are anticipating huge success.

    I am currently seeking help to design a logo and do some quick design elements for us, before we start approaching Venture Capitalists and Investors with our business plan. I do not have the ability to pay luxurious money, however, I promise a fair payment, loads of fun + challenge whilst working with us and a life-changing experience of working with a dynamic young start-up.
    (This role requires you to work from home, café, college, parks etc., at your convenience)

    Do let me know if you have the Interest & Ability to work with us. Alternately, please do refer us to anyone who you think would be keen on designing for us.

    Many Thanks,

    Himanshu Jain
    Phone: +1-713-353-7456
    Email: Himanshu@acclarato.com

    • Himanshu,
      Thanks so much for going through my profile and offering me the opportunity to work with you. I am currently working with a design research company in Bangalore. But I will definitely pass on the opening details to my friends.
      Thanks again.

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